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Why use Social Media as a contact channel?

It’s not news that contact centres need to integrate social media channels. But, many are struggling to understand how to do this to meet growing customer demand for an omni-channel experience, and remain competitive to keep the doors of their business open. To flourish they must adapt, have a deep-rooted strategic rethink of their customer […]


(b2b SaaS) content marketing . It takes 5!

Content marketing is hard! We all know we need to do it,  but the amount of work put into building it then the outreach to get it syndicated and traffic to the content is unbelievable! It is now thought on average, consumers read five pieces of content on a b2b SaaS (Software as a service) website’s before […]


What is SaaS? (SaaS DEFINITION) with 10 + examples

The technology world is nearly completely focused on SaaS (Software as a service). This is otherwise know as cloud provision. It is easy for industry insiders to forget outside the bubble the term SaaS is not always well understood. As a technologist I wanted to start this blog by defining what is SaaS. I will […]

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